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About US

Diivy Inc. an Ohio Technology Corporation was created in 2015 to develop, innovate, and implement advanced technology solutions for manufacturing companies. Today Diivy is one of the world's leading solutions provider holding several international patents for components and manufacturing processes.
Our end to end solutions (manufacturing to end of life) along with our software systems integration with supply chains covers all facets of the organization.

About Us


Patented DV-EMBD-TAG®  designed to withstand extremes of temperature and pressure can be embedded into the tire during the vulcanization process.
DV-EMBD-TAG allows the tracking of tires from production until end of life.

Enhancing your real-time inventory management will result in

having the right product in the right place at the right time.

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We Offer Turn Key Services

Create Value

Global footprint and business optimized

Strong cost focus

Worldwide technology gap to competition closed

Sustain Value

Accelerated global growth

Leverage cost position

Best In Class technology position

Enhance Value

Benefit from excellent cost position

Podium position in technology worldwide

Improve brand awareness further



We create meaningful positive impact.

Waste Management Tracking Implementation Ensure end-of-life tires are properly recycled.
Stricter Government Regulation - End-of-life old tires are prepared to be used both as energy and as regenerated raw material.


Cloud Management System (DCMS)

DCMS is a cloud storage management system that combines DV-EMBD-TAG and Mobile Applications (APP) to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes and warehouse storage.

DCMS Platform has been designed to continuously deliver savings and insights providing you with support and guidance and data analysis.  With top experts in the field, Diivy can help design seamless solutions to quickly respond to market demands and market trends.


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When you need us, we're here for you.  Whether you have a simple question or you're in a full-disaster mode, our knowledgeable, U.S.-based staff is always on call to help.

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3695 Kilkenny Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43221

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US+1   614.285.5552

Taiwan +886  905.552.650 

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